Catching Up With Blush Paper Co.

To celebrate Yes, Wear That turning the big "1," I will be catching up with some of my favorite guests from the past year.  I first introduced you to Jen of Blush Paper Co. back in September.  Blush Paper Co. is a full service, custom stationery studio, offering everything from wedding invitations to day of stationery and anything in between.  In Jen's own words "If it’s on paper, we can make it happen!"  Working in the wedding industry, I know that invitations have the ability to essentially set the tone for the entire wedding.  From color, to design, to theme, to the entire feel of the celebration...the proper invite will convey all of those things from the moment the recipient opens the beautifully addressed envelope (with one of Jen's new address stamps of course!).  I caught up with Jen and she filled me in on what Blush has been up to since we last spoke.


I am absolutely in LOVE with the "Marina Suite" invitations above.  The blush and gold foil lettering has been so popular, but the dark background and gorgeous flowers give these invites a huge personality! 

Seriously how adorable are these family crest address stamps?  Jen just released a set of twelve new stamps and her stamps can now be found on Zazzle!

In 2016, Jen aims to launch a line of tote bags and mugs...I can hardly wait to see her new creations!  For more information on the Blush Paper Co. design process, check out my original post.  You can also visit Jen at blush  And if you just enjoy drooling over gorgeous stationery like I do, make sure you follow Blush on Instagram @ohsoglam - I promise it will get your creative juices flowing!