A Visit from Wellesley and King

One of my favorite parts of doing this blog over the past year has been the other awesome bloggers I have been able to meet.  From time to time, I love to introduce you to some of these super talented ladies.  I first met Lauren of Wellesley and King at our last Style Social event.  If we were handing out “best dressed” awards that night, Lauren would have had my vote!  In a room full of fashionable gals, she stood out in one of the cutest black and white dresses I have ever seen.  Once I got to talk with her, it was easy to see that her sweet and welcoming personality matched perfectly with her impeccable sense of style!  I am so happy to have Lauren on the blog today and strongly encourage you to check out her website and get inspired by her Instagram feed!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you start Wellesley and King.

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, and I am the blogger behind Wellesley & King, which I started about two years ago—primarily as a hobby. I have always been a right-brained individual. Growing up, I was constantly doodling outfits, choreographing dances, sketching portraits, and, in later years, photographing the world around me. During college and grad school, I spent my free time working in a small boutique near my hometown, where my love for visual merchandising and fashion really began to blossom.

When I landed a full-time job in logistics and moved to Pittsburgh, my creative side was begging for an outlet. Wellesley & King was born shortly after as a lifestyle blog, but has since evolved into a personal style blog, focused on creating a quality and lasting wardrobe.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is ultimately classic. I favor timeless pieces that will translate from one decade to the next. One of the things that I really wanted to do with my blog was create style inspiration that is attainable for the everyday woman. I follow a lot of fashion bloggers who have incredible style but their looks just aren’t realistic for me in my daily life.

On Wellesley & King, I often share professional outfits that I’ve worn to work, the minimal outfits that I reach for on weekends, and even some feminine looks for date nights and special occasions. In all of these, my goal is to create outfits that I have actually worn, that any woman can look at and say, ‘”I could wear that.”

3. What have been the biggest successes with the blog so far? The biggest challenges?

I’ll start with challenges. Because I work full-time, and my job is very demanding, I often end up writing posts late at night and photographing outfits in bulk on weekends. I’m disconnected from my blog and social media all day while I am at work, so it’s been difficult for me to create the community that I dream of.

Successes! As I mentioned, creating a community has occurred slowly, in large part due to my job. However, joining the Style Social community in Pittsburgh has been so exciting over the recent months! I love meeting like-minded and motivated women, and I’m so inspired by this little city of ours and all the passion that it holds.

4. What do you think is the one item every woman must have in her closet?

Hm. This is tough. I would say that every woman should own one item that makes her feel powerful and sexy. Personally, I love to wear dresses. As a woman, nothing makes me feel more feminine or confident. There is a very distinct difference in the days that I just throw on a pair of casual pants and a cardigan for work, and the days that I put on a pencil dress with my favorite heels. It just makes me feel good. Every woman should have that item in her closet—whatever that is to you.

5. Where are your favorite places to shop in the city?

I love No. 14 Boutique. I love supporting a local business, and, because the store is so close to my home, it’s the perfect go-to for everything from weekend casual sweaters to special occasion dresses. Everything in the store is feminine, flirty and fun. I could spend hours taking in all of the eye candy!

Of course, because I am a classic kinda gal, I also frequent J.Crew. For that timeless look that I love so much, I know I won’t go wrong. You can probably find me perusing the Walnut Street location at least once a week.

6. What are you goals for the blog going into 2016?

My main goal is to focus on growing my community. My first year of blogging was very casual, and mostly a trial period to see how I felt about the whole “blogging thing”. My second year, 2015, was about establishing a brand, honing my style and creating a user-friendly site. 2016 is all about you guys, my readers and fellow bloggers. I would love to connect, and learn from one another.