Gifts for your Mama

Hello friends!  I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the warm weather!  I know I am a tad late on this, but for all you other last minute shoppers, I wanted to share some of my favorite Mother's Day gift finds.  I was hoping to keep all of the items under $100 and when I was done, I realized that all the items are actually under $50!!  So go ahead - treat mom to something great this year!  And don't forget the best gift of all is spending time with those you love!  

1. Street Level Reversible Vegan Tote & Wristlet

I love this tote for mom for a number of reasons.  It comes in four great colors, it's reversible for added versatility, it comes with a matching wristlet, and it's under $50!  I also love the idea of using a tote as a sort of usable gift bag.  So if you are looking to really spoil mom, you can give her the bag and fill it with some extra goodies - her favorite lotions, a great scarf, or slip a hand-written note into the wristlet!  Nordstrom - $48.00

2. Yummy Mummy Shower Gel & Body Conditioner

I first learned about Lush Cosmetics when I was working at Nordstrom and a Lush store opened in the mall.  The store is relatively tiny - but always packed with people, so I knew I had to investigate further.  Turns out the company is all about green products, giving to charity, and not testing on animals (how is this even still a thing?).  I checked out their website and they have some really cute products that are perfect for Mother's Day.  Yummy Mummy Shower Gel - starting at $9.95

3.  Books = Relaxation Time

I’m not a mom yet, but I have heard that free time becomes a rare comodity once motherhood hits.  Something as simple as having fifteen minutes alone to read a good book can be a huge treat.  I have always loved reading and I enjoy giving books as gifts – whether it’s a treasured children’s classic in a baby shower basket or a new favorite novel to a friend.  I loved the book, The Middle Place, by Kelly Corrigan and actually gifted a copy to several people, including my mom, a couple Christmases ago.  Amazon – starting at $0.23!!  What?!

4.  Beautiful Blooms!

Flowers are a sort of Mother’s Day staple – especially with all the beautiful options this time of year.  One piece of advice is to buy your flowers and vase seperately and assemble on your own.  If you live in Pittsburgh, the Strip District has beautiful flowers…or who can resist walking into a Trader Joe’s without grabbing a bouquet or two?  Then pick up a unique vase or container at a craft store like Michaels.  Ordering flowers online and trying to have them delivered can become crazy expensive.  The money you save is better spent taking mom to dinner – and she’ll definitely appreciate the thought you put into making a unique arrangement just for her.

5.  Personalization is Key!

I’m a big fan of personalization – whether it’s gift giving, event planning, decorating your home – putting your own unique stamp on things is so important.  I love these Gianna Rose Atelier Monogram Soap Bars!  The wrapping is so pretty and mom will know you put some thought into the gift.  Nordstrom - $12.00

6.  Give her some sparkle!

Jewelry is another item that is always sure to be a homerun with mom.  Think about your mom’s style and what sort of jewelry she wears when you’re shopping.  If your mom wears minimal jewelry, chances are she’s not going to be into a pair of large crystal-studded hoops!  I think these Kate Spade studs are gorgeous!  The color is sure to brighten any mom’s day.  Nordstrom - $38.00


7.  Scented Candles!

I like to gift items that I personally love and use  (I am kind of like Oprah in that way – LOL).  One of my favorite things to buy, gift, and receive is candles.  I love walking into a room and having a really wonderful smell fill the air.  I think these Illume Freshly Picked Candles are so pretty and they come in four delicious sounding scents!  Anthropologie - $16.00

8.  Bundle It!

Whenever I give a gift, I almost always do some sort of gift basket.  I think it’s so fun for the person receiving the gift – and honestly I have a great time puttinng them together!  So think about what your mom enjoys and build a basket around those things.  Does she like cooking?  How about a basket filled with pasta and sauces or new kitchen gadgets and a great cookbook?  One year, I put together a basket for my mom filled with all sorts of outdoor entertaining items – fun plastic plates, colorful place mats, a citronella candle (think the summer / patio section of Target).  I found this tote filled with gardening supplies online and I think it would be perfect for any gardening enthusiast mom!  The sky’s the limit – get creative and have fun with it! - $49.95

9.  Go on a Date!

Yes a date.  And yes with your mom.  Seriously, when it comes right down to it – the best gift any of us can ask for is time with the people we love.  Take your mom to brunch (even better cook her brunch), get tickets to a show or sporting event, or consider a fun group painting or ceramics class.  As long as you are spending time together, that’s all that really matters. 

10.  Don’t forget the card!

So this kind of corresponds with #9 in that sometimes the smaller sentiments are the most important and the most appreciated.  Take the time to find a card that really expresses what you want to say – and always write a hand-written note.  I know we are all in a rush, but resist the urge to simply sign “Love, Jane.”  A few caring sentences can really make all the difference.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day & remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you - everyday!  XOXO