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Welcome to a new week friends!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is feeling refreshed and optimistic.  I have a really busy week ahead as my first wedding of the season is this coming Saturday.  This is the crunch time leading up to the event where I have to-do lists for my to-do lists.  lol.  Everything always comes together beautifully, but there are some late nights and early mornings in my future for the next week.  I can't wait to share the pictures though!  For today's post, I am sharing my Instagram photos from the last several days.  There's currently a giveaway happening over @yeswearthat, so I thought this would be a great way to say "Hello" to anyone new to the blog and also a way to encourage the rest of you to follow me over on Insta!  Have a great week everyone!


One of my favorite places to go locally in the summer is North Park.  Manny and I run the trails, he gets to cut loose at the dog park, and sitting on the deck having a drink at OTB isn't too bad either!  I'm a sucker for a lace-up espadrille and this pair from Soludos is no exception!

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Loving this quote I shared over the weekend!  Sometimes this simple concept is so difficult to remember.  This world is saturated by people comparing, competing, and trying to one-up the next guy (or gal).  Why not compete only with yourself, take a risk, and stand out in the crowd!

You'll hear me talk a lot about the Strip District in Pittsburgh.  That's because my full-time job is located in the Strip and I have therefore spent a great deal of time in that area over the past several years.  The plus side to working in the Strip is that you can stumble into great little shops like Loom Exquisite Textiles on your lunch break.  I went to college for Fashion Merchandising and I still remember being shocked when I found out I would have to sew for several of my courses (not sure why I didn't realize that way earlier).  I haven't sewn much since college, but walking into a store lined with fabric bolts makes me start itching to bust the old sewing machine back out!

This is one of my fave pics I shared on Instagram from an outfit post last week.  This was also taken at North Park (I told you I liked this place).  Click here to jump directly to the post


I always start off each month with a post featuring all of the best events and activities taking place in Pittsburgh.  For June, I highlighted many great events to kick-off the summer - and most continue throughout July and August!  Get the full list here!  

Anyone that knows me even a little bit, knows that I am completely obsessed with animals - especially my fur baby, Manny.  I can honestly say some of the happiest moments I have in life are when I am with him.  This was us planting flowers last weekend and I think his "smile" captures it all.


If you've been following the blog, you know that I work as an event coordinator for Hello Productions.  One of my goals with this blog is to not just share photos from great events, but also share some tips and tricks I have learned over the last several years working in this industry.  I finally dove into this piece of the blog with an article on tipping your wedding vendors.  It's not something a lot of couples think about and it can become very confusing!  Click here for the full list of tips!  

Every blogger knows, you might spend hours trying to get the perfect shots or the most creative Instagram photo.  And then other times, you are simply walking along (in the Strip again) and the perfect photo comes to you.  I think I got more "likes" on this hilarious Bloody Mary than anything else that week! LOL.  Since everyone was asking where to find this guy - it was from Luke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grille

That's the round up for now!  Hopefully if you recently followed me on Instagram and are checking out the blog for the first time, this will give you a little idea of what it's all about.  And if you have been following the blog, but haven't followed @yeswearthat on Instagram - what are you waiting for!?