The Perfect Plaid Poncho

A new week is upon us friends.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday already.  I’m sure I say it every year, but time starts flying around the holidays.  And is it me or has everyone jumped into Christmas even earlier than usual this year?  I’ve already seen people posting pics of decorated trees and wrapped gifts.  I love the holidays as much as the next person, but I like to enjoy my turkey and stuffing before blasting Jingle Bells.  I’m also a chronic last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas gifts.  Anyone else?  Every year, I swear I will stay organized and get an early start.  However, it never fails that I end up online paying an outrageous amount for expedited shipping and wrapping my last few gifts on Christmas Eve.  I guess we all have a system that works for us, right? Lol.  Today, I am sharing another awesome purchase from Rosewood Boutique.  I love the poncho trend, but they don’t always work for me.  When you are on the shorter side, “one size fits all” ponchos can be overwhelming on a smaller frame.  However, this poncho is absolute perfection.  Don’t forget Rosewood is hosting their annual holiday shopping event this Friday the 18th from 5 – 8:30 PM.  I can’t wait to see you there! 

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