Gender Reveal Celebration

Since finding out I was pregnant, I think I always assumed we would find out the sex of the baby.  I'm too much of a planner and the stress of trying to think of not one - but two names - seemed like a lot.  As the time got closer to the ultrasound, I decided it would be fun to invite our parents down for some pizza and cake, so that we could all be surprised together.  I really didn't plan on throwing a gender reveal party.  I'll be honest, I felt like no one would really care about the gender except Matt and I and it seemed a bit self-indulgent to make everyone spend their Saturday afternoon waiting for us to cut into a cake to reveal pink or blue icing.  However, as the days passed, we discovered our friends and family were actually interested in sharing this moment with us - and not only did they show up - they created some of the cutest gender reveal treats, games and decór.  It ended up being such a special day and although I was convinced this little human was a girl - I couldn't have been happier to see that blue icing!

I am not a big pink and blue type of gal (I am actually currently planning a black and white baby shower), so I wanted to go with a neutral cake.  My good friend Val absolutely nailed the cake and I think it actually turned out prettier than the inspiration picture I showed her.  I saw these banner flag style cake toppers on Etsy and felt pretty sure that I could create my own.  The timing was perfect as I found this mini flag banner in the $1 section at Target (seriously what did we do before the Target $1 section?!?).  I purchased a dowel rod for under $1 at Michael's and voilá - my own custom cake topper for way less than the ones being sold on Etsy.  I can't even begin to tell you how AH-mazing this cake tasted!  Seriously, if you need a cake, cupcakes or other sweet treat, definitely check out Valerie's Custom Cakes and Cupcakes.  The "baby" balloon was an Etsy purchase from Jamboree Party Box - you can check it out here.  The tassel garland was from The Flair Exchange.  You can actually choose your colors and make a truly custom garland!

My picture below is a bit blurry and does not do these eggs justice!  My aunt found this idea on Pinterest and I have to say they were an absolute hit!  We also had pink and blue chocolate covered strawberries, pink and blue punch and "nuts" and "no nuts" M&Ms.

Guests could show their support for either Team Girl or Team Boy by sporting these stylish shades.  We also had an area set up for everyone to cast their vote and also offer a name suggestion.


I didn't pay much attention to any of the old wives' tales regarding the sex of the baby.  However, I think 7 out of 10 of my answers below were on the boy side, so there may just be some truth behind it! 

LOVE this Mama Bird shirt I found on Etsy...I am sensing a theme here.  It's from The Brunch Club and you can check it out here

This is a truly awful photo of us at the end of a very long day, but I had to share Matt's t-shirt!

My good friend April absolutely shocked me with her Pinterest skills and the work she put into making this day special for us.  I honestly never knew she had this Martha Stewart side to her...and now that I know, she's in trouble! 

All the wonderful ladies that dragged their hubbies and babies to our house in order to celebrate with Matt and I.  I have to say I am a pretty lucky lady and this baby is going to have some amazing aunties!

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