Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  You made it!!  I am excited to launch a new series today on the blog, "Friday Favorites."  Every Friday, I will share some of my favorite things from the past week.  It can really be anything - a great new lipstick, a favorite new book, an awesome recipe (ok probably not a recipe - maybe a restaurant)...but you get the picture!  I hope my favorites bring a smile to your face and become some of your favorites!  Enjoy the weekend!

1. Favorite Deal of the Week!

These Nine West Quikstep Over the Knee Boots were originally $199 and are now on sale for $59.99!  They come in four colors.  I ordered the brown suede and they are super soft and supple.  Most of the reviews say they run true to size, but my typical size was a bit snug and I had to go bigger.  

2. Favorite Instagram Feed of the Week!

The lovely Niki Whittle of Style, Studs, and Lace has been captivating me on Instagram this week!  She has committed to posting one unique pattern a day and it's so much fun to see what she comes up with!   Follow along at @nikiwhittle on Instagram

photo from niki's instagram feed - @nikiwhittle

photo from niki's instagram feed - @nikiwhittle

3. Favorite Link of the Week!

For all of us bloggers and photographers...and those of us that just love to take great photos, editing apps can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your pics!  The difficult part is keeping up on the ever changing technology!  Anna over at Anna with Love Blog saved us all a lot of trial and error this week with her post on her "Top 5 Instagram Editing Apps."  Just take a quick look at her Instagram - this girl knows what she's talking about!! 

photo from

photo from

4. Favorite Read for Girl Bosses!

A couple of my friends and I have been talking a lot about this subject the past few weeks - what to charge for your creative services.  When you are a blogger, event planner, photographer...really anyone in a creative field...people are always asking to "pick your brain" or want you to offer suggestions or advice for free.  While I am all for helping my fellow man (or woman), people in these industries are there - just like everyone else - to make a living.  When you own your own business, it's difficult to set boundaries and it's very difficult to know your worth and actually ask for it.  If you haven't checked out the - go right now - I honestly feel like every article was written with me in mind!

5. Favorite Valentine's Finds!

Some people find it odd that I love stores like Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics so much!  There's just something about walking the aisles and getting inspired with new project ideas.  While on the hunt for decor for our next Style Social event, I found these adorable decor items at Jo-Ann's and had a hard time not  buying one of everything.  Oh and it's all on major sale right now!

6. Favorite Beauty Insider Lipstick Pick!

Seriously, how lucky am I to have a Sephora guru as a friend?!  My friend Susie, you met her here, is actually moving out to San Francisco next week to work at Sephora headquarters.  Sigh.  I'll miss her like crazy, but am so beyond happy for her.  She busted her butt to get where she is - and that's something I can certainly applaud!  Besides, now I really have someone on the inside...testing the newest products and passing along the gorgeous details!  This week, Susie let all her followers know that Gwen Stefani has officially created the perfect red lipstick called Spiderweb!  Just in time for those Valentine's day smooches!  She's also highly recommending this Sephora Collection PRO Press Full Coverage Complexion Blush #66.  That's a mouthful - but I'll be going to buy it tomorrow!  Follow Susie for weekly make-up inspiration, tips, and recommendations - @susiekitkat24