Friday Favorites

I was traveling last week and didn’t get to post my Friday Favorites, so I’m back today with another round.  The list this week has a little mix of everything – fashion, beauty, puppies, and Ninja Turtle crafts!  Hope everyone enjoys their weekends – it looks like the weather is going to be a little less “spring like” than it was last weekend.  Make sure you stop back next week – I will be recapping our 3rd Style Social that was held at Emy Mack Collective in Shadyside.  You won’t want to miss the great pics and gorgeous shoes!

1.  Favorite Wear-to-Work Dresses!

Recently I feel like my wardrobe is lacking in the "wear-to-work" dress category.  My dresses are either fairly casual or a bit more dressy, but I don't have a ton in that middle "work / office" category.  That of course led me to the Internet and the wonderful world of online shopping.  I rounded up a few favorites that are perfectly appropriate for the office and can also transition into your Friday Happy Hour!

2. Favorite Doggie Valentines!

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you probably have figured out that I am a crazy animal lover - especially dogs.  When I read or hear stories about animals being abused and neglected, it saddens...and also angers me.  Recently there have been two pups making headlines due to the neglect that they have endured in their young lives.  Effie, now at the Western PA Humane Society and Valentino, now at the Animal Rescue League, both endured neglect, abuse, and starvation at the hands of their "owners."  I could live to be 1,000 and my heart and mind will never be able to comprehend why someone would treat another living creature in this manner.  The positive news is that both dogs are making strides toward health and the cases have brought even more attention to the extremely important HB113, Angel's Law which would increase the penalties handed out to those individuals that abuse animals.  I wanted to include the pic below in my Friday Favorites because I thought it was great that out of something tragic, hopefully positive change will come about - and Effie and Valentino "wrote" the cutest messages to each other.  To read more of Effie's story and to purchase an Effie Strong bracelet, visit the WPHS site.  To learn about all of the great animals looking for forever homes, check out the ARL site as well.

3.  Favorite Quick Read!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that I absolutely love the website, The Everygirl.  Check it out – you will seriously feel like every article was written for you.  One headline jumped out and grabbed my attention this week, “How to Successfully Balance Your Side Hustle With Your Full-Time Job.”  This is a subject that I think about a lot and that I discuss all the time with my friends who are also working a bunch of jobs at the same time.  I love being busy, so I am fine with it – but sometimes it’s difficult to remember that time should also be devoted to rest, play and rejuvenation.  And you don’t have to feel bad about taking that well-deserved time.  While these type of articles are typically a bunch of common sense fluff, I found tips like “keep boundaries clear” and “be intentional with your time” to be very insightful!  Quote below from the author, Kat Boogaard.

4.  Favorite New Sephora Product!

This past weekend, my friend Ashley and I had a girl’s day – brunch, blog photos, and a stop at Sephora Shadyside.  Laura and her Sephora teammates are absolutely Ah-mazing.  I highly recommend you book an appointment and prepare to be amazed!  Laura showed us so many tips and tricks and introduced us to a ton of great products!  One of my favorite is the Sephora Color Corrector.  There are different shades for various skin issues – redness, under eye circles, etc.  Laura matched me to my perfect shade and I am so happy with the brightness this product brings to my face.  Below is the corrector as well as a few other fave products from that day!

5. Favorite Pin of the Week!

I saw a friend post these online and immediately went to Pinterest to check it out!  As a child of the 90s, I am in love with this super easy Easter egg craft!  Full directions as well as other creative egg decorating ideas can be found on the blog, A Pumpkin and a Princess.

6.  Favorite New Brunch Spot!

I definitely wouldn't consider myself a foodie.  I love food,  I appreciate good food.  But I also eat at Taco Bell, so that probably exempts me from the "foodie" category.  That being said, I went to dinner at the Whitfield in the new Ace Hotel for my birthday and the food was honestly amazing.  I am not a vegetable eater...tonight I ate a bowl of Rice Krispies, half a soft pretzel, a cupcake, and a glass of Pinot for dinner...just to give you an idea of my typical eating habits.  However, the crispy brussels sprouts at the Whitfield make my top 10 best things I've ever eaten list!!  Yes, brussels sprouts.  So after that dinner, I was dying to try the brunch.  As part of my girl's day with Ashley, we hit up brunch and it was also totally delightful!  This was one non-foodie that was very happy.