Friday Favorites

Another round of Friday Favorites!  Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!

1. Favorite Color for Spring!

The weather the past few weekends has me ready for spring!  I'll admit - I wear a lot of black and gray, but in spring and summer I usually try to add some color.  I always love Kelly Green, so I am happy to see it popping up in clothing this spring.  I also thought it would be a great color to highlight in honor of St. Patrick's Day this month.

2. Favorite Photo / Photographer of the Week!

I was scrolling through my Instagram when this picture stopped me in my tracks!  Who was the photographer?  What was this beautiful scene?  After not much digging, I found the photographer, Amanda from Blueberry Photography.  She makes me wish I lived in California, so I could have some gorgeous photos taken!  Last year, I posted about my road trip along the coast in California and had mentioned that there were no pictures that could do Big Sur justice.  I think I may stand corrected because Amanda captures the beauty of this place perfectly!  You have to visit her Instagram and website - the styling, colors, and creativity in her photos is really incredible!  Check out more gorgeous photos in her blog post and for even more inspiration - follow her on Instagram at @blueberry__photography.  

3. Favorite News for Beer Drinkers!

I never considered myself much of a beer snob…I mean I drank Natty Light in college.  (You all know you did it – don’t judge me.)  However, I started to notice more of my friends drinking “finer beers” and I really started to get sucked in with the popularity of crafts beers and all of the unique breweries popping up around Pittsburgh.  This week all of us Yinzers found out that a Southern Tier location will be coming to the North Shore.  So many Pittsburghers flocked to the Southern Tier website on the day the announcement was made that the website crashed – seriously.  I love the North Shore in the summer and I think I can speak for many of us when I say it’s going to be awesome to have another summertime hangout!

4. Favorite YouTube Video of the Week!

Love your pup?  Want to give him or her a special treat?  Tori of Wear, Wag, Repeat just shared the cutest how-to video for a delicious...(ok I am assuming delicious from the dog’s reaction)…pup cake!  Tori is a natural behind the camera, the dogs go bananas for this treat, and it seems super easy to make!  It’s also made of “good for you” ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about what’s in your dog’s food!  Check it out and let us know if you try the recipe on your own!  Photos below from Tori Mistick - Wear, Wag, Repeat.  I just had to include her two precious pups waiting anxiously!

5. Favorite Link for a Good Laugh!

While we are on the topic of animals, check out "Pets that are Stuck but Pretending Everything is Fine."  I hate to laugh at them - but how can you not?!

6. Favorite Things on My Shopping Wish List!

I want it all...but I am being good and budgeting and not spending money.  Now, if I repeat that twenty more times while looking in the mirror, I might just believe it!  If you are looking to get something new and not break the bank - three dresses I have had on the blog recently are on major sale - like $9.99 major sale!  They are linked below!