Friday Favorites

Hey friends, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this week!  This week's Friday Faves don't include any clothes, or make-up, or really anything I am lusting after to buy.  Shocking I know.  This week I wanted my Friday Faves to all be things that gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling - so you'll see some animals as always, find a healthy dose of inspiration, and maybe get inspired to do some crafting this weekend! 

1. Favorite New Pittsburgh Resident!

If you live in Pittsburgh, you may have seen pictures of this adorable little guy circulating online.  The baby sloth is a new resident at the National Aviary on the North Side.  Beginning March 25th, the baby sloth will start participating in encounters with the public.  Check out the National Aviary’s website, I have a feeling these opportunities will fill up fast!

2. Favorite Link of the Week!

Courtesy of BarkPost, 20 photos of rescue dogs on their rides to their forever homes!  Need I say more?

3. Favorite Pittsburgh Blogger Post!

I love sharing posts from other local bloggers in my Friday Favorites.  Megan, of Blue Bells and Lipstick, has an entire section of her blog dedicated to “pages of inspiration."  This week, her post “Adulting…or Something Like That” caught my eye!  After college, I moved back home to my parents…not once…but I think a total of three times (it might have been more).  I guess I fit into that “boomerang generation” that everyone talks about.  I’d be out…and then one thing or another would happen and I would find myself back at home.  It’s great to save some money and even better to have home-cooked meals on the table when you get home, but commuting an hour and a half to work each way takes it’s toll.  Not to mention, as Megan describes, it’s often hard to not feel like a bit of a failure when you’re trying to be an independent woman, but you’re sleeping in your childhood bedroom.  During my last stint at my parents’ home, I tried my hardest to focus on the positive.  It was more time with my family, it was a way to save money, I should be thankful to have a place to stay.  Megan is taking the same approach and is proof that living at home doesn’t at all mean you are failing at this adulting thing.  In fact, I would say Megan is killing it right now.

photo courtesy of megan at  blue bells and lipstick

photo courtesy of megan at blue bells and lipstick

4. Favorite DIY Project!

The inspiration from fellow Pittsburghers was all over the place this week!  Sarah from the Surznick Common Room shared this adorable DIY project that she found in Holl & Lane Magazine.  If you haven't discovered this digital magazine yet, you must go and check it out immediately!  I am so in love with the concept of telling real, honest stories in order to make the rest of us feel less alone in our struggles.  Best of all - a 6-month subscription is only $7.99!!  How adorable are these planters made out of stemless wine glasses?  I can see this adding pops of color all over my deck this summer!

5. Favorite Wedding Inspiration!

Of course my girl Victoria at Burgh Brides would have some stunning photos from her own wedding!  For her big day, she and her fiancé transformed the Pittsburgh Opera House into a gorgeous masterpiece.  I love this venue because it's such an amazing blank space that nearly anything is possible!  Keep your eyes out next week - I'll be sharing Victoria's photos along with some of my other favorite wedding venues in my post "Every Question You Need to be Asking Your Wedding Venue."  

6. Favorite Blooms!

Seriously, Trader Joes has the best flowers!  I think I got all of these for under $14!  The green ones reminded me of the flowers in Dr. Seuss's Lorax!  Oh and the candle in the corner is a Soyil candle.  I swear to you it smells heavenly! It's actually a holiday scent and I haven't been able to bring myself to burn it!  And Soyil is also a Pittsburgh-based business - so check them out! 

7. Favorite Girl Boss Quote!

This Tuesday was International Women's Day.  When I saw my co-worker's mug in our morning meeting, I knew I had to get a pic to celebrate the day!