Friday Favorites

Are you as ready for Friday as I am?!  You should definitely be ready for another dose of Friday Favorites.  This week, I am going a little out of my comfort zone and sharing three recipes (don't worry, I didn't actually come up with any of the recipes, so they are totally safe to try)!  Let's all hope for a long weekend - I have a ton to do and a little relaxation wouldn't hurt either!

1.  Favorite Tees Under $4.00!!

Remember when I found jeans for under $10 at Forever 21?  And they actually didn’t fall apart after several wears and washes?  Alas, I stumbled upon the t-shirt version of this deal last weekend.  There are crew neck and v-neck styles perfect as sleepwear, workout gear, or just as the perfect tee to pair with your ripped denim.  Price?  Drumroll please…$3.90!!  How can you beat that?  Stock up now and be ready for summer weather!

2.  Favorite Pin of the Week!

I don’t get to “pin” as much as I would like.  Mainly because every time I do, I start by looking up something like “braid hairstyle” and three hours later I have planned a wedding, designed my non-existent baby’s nursery, and have plans drawn up to grow my own herb garden.  So yes, sometimes I try to avoid Pinterest.  However, last weekend I was looking for recipe ideas for the week and stumbled upon this dinner “bowl” idea.  I guess it’s not really a revolutionary concept – but I felt like I was eating healthy, had a variety of flavors in the mix, and it looked really pretty lol.  I'd love if you'd follow me on Pinterest and check out Half Baked Harvest for the full recipe – there are really limitless combinations!

photo from teghan gerard - the site is  half baked harvest

photo from teghan gerard - the site is half baked harvest

3.  Favorite New App to Play With!

A week or so ago, I heard that there is a now a “Tinder-style” app for finding a best friend.  Interesting.  Fast-forward to this week, and I find out there is now a Tinder for baby names.  Yep.  Baby names.  Ok, so it’s not really Tinder, but it does use the same “swipe left” if you don’t like it, “swipe right” if you do like it methodology.  The object of the app, simply called Baby Names, is that you and your partner both have the app and swipe through names.  When you both like a name, that’s a “match.”  I’ll be honest, I’ve had a few friends have babies and it was hard for them to agree on names with their partner.  This might have actually helped or at least been amusing.  I think the only roughpart is convincing a guy to actually download this app and play along.  If you can’t get a guy to do it, try your best friend.  I started playing with my pregnant friend yesterday.  So far, we only matched on “Annabelle, Annalise, and Sophie.”

4.  Favorite Post from a Fellow Pittsburgh Blogger!

A few weeks ago, I bought a noodle spiralizer and thought that I should include it in my Friday Favorites.  I was so impressed with this little tool – and guys, the one I bought (here) is currently $8.99 at Target!  I’m kind of like a little kid when it comes to cooking and eating vegetables.  You have to make it easy and you have to make it fun!   I put off including it until this week when I came across this recipe for “skinni-mini pad thai zoodles” from Jenna at Balance and Chaos.  Why I love this so much: 1. Thai food 2. the word “zoodles” which I will always use now 3. I get to use my noodle spiralizer and 4. Guys – zucchini noodles are a healthy alternative to ordinary pasta noodles.  Head over to Balance and Chaos for the full recipe and be sure to comment below and let me know if you try the recipe!  Oh - and check out her photography below - it's so stunning!

5.  Favorite Wedding Personalization for Your Invites!

My May bride sent me a photo of the stamp her brother-in-law designed for their invitations and I fell in love.  It’s a very simple and modern looking gold bridge on a black background.  Perfectly Pittsburgh without being over the top.  While her stamp is top secret for now, I checked out Zazzle and there are so many great options – or you can create your own!  It’s just one more way to really personalize your “save the dates,” invitations, and thank-yous!

6.  Favorite Dessert Post of the Week!

This is totally out of sorts for me to give you not one, not two, but three recipes!  However, when I see something claiming to be the “the best brownie recipes in the whole entire universe,” that's something I have to check out and share it.  This once again comes from one of my favorite sites, PureWow.  Give yourself a cheat day this weekend.  You deserve it.

brownie pops - omg!  photo from

brownie pops - omg!  photo from