Friday Favorites

I missed Friday Favorites last week and at least one person...thank you Susy...was upset that I didn't post!  Here's this week's favorites!  Enjoy!

1. New Favorites for your feet at J-Crew!

Ladies - J-Crew has sooo many cute shoes for the spring, I can't even wrap my brain around it!  Right now, you can get $75 off of $200 or $25 off of $100 with code: SHOPNOW.  

2. Favorite news of the week!

You guys!!  Our Stylish Pittsburgh group now has an official Instagram feed!  I am so excited about this.  We will be featuring the best of Pittsburgh fashion and style everyday - so make sure you are following - @StylishPittsburgh.  And be sure to hashtag your pics with #StylishPittsburgh for a chance to be featured!


3. Favorite boots perfect for April Showers!

I went to a barre class last weekend (more info below)...and I spotted a girl wearing these Sorel booties.  I'm not sure where they have been all my life - I didn't even know they existed!  They looked so cute with simple black leggings and are perfect for April showers!  I also included some of my other favorite rain boot finds!

4. Favorite recap of a really fun night!

Last Friday, myself and my Stylish Pittsburgh team were invited to judge the Bridal Restyle contest at the Bridal Revival event held at Hotel Monaco.  Erin of Glitter and Grit, the premier wedding dress boutique in Pittsburgh, hosted the fabulous event.  Attendees were encouraged to "revive" their old wedding and bridesmaid dresses for one special evening and what resulted was pure magic.  I will let Jessa of Wavy Alabaster tell you because she summed up the entire night so beautifully.  Jessa - I hope you don't mind me snatching this gorgeous pic!

photo from  wavy alabaster

photo from wavy alabaster

5. Favorite at-home beauty remedy!

So real talk for a minute - my skin has been a mess the last several days - dull, clogged pores, blemishes...the list goes on.  Since I was leaving for vacation on Thursday, I panicked and scheduled what I called an "emergency facial."  lol.  During the facial, my esthetician laid plastic wrap over my face and then covered it with hot towels.  The next day I was curious as to the benefits of this plastic wrap technique, so like any modern girl with a question, I headed to google.  Turns out that when you have the plastic wrap on your face, your breath warms that space and creates an effect similar to a steam facial - helping to open your pores and draw the toxins out.  I'm not an expert - but you can do the research!  While researching the plastic wrap, I came across a home facial remedy using milk and honey.  This seemed easy enough, so I decided to give it a try.  Honestly, after only ten minutes, I was blown away by the results.  My skin looked brighter and felt incredibly soft and smooth.  Apparently, there are a ton of benefits derived from milk and honey - I saw numerous recipes for hair masks as well.  Just a warning before you try this at home:  make sure you warn others in your house that you are doing this because you will absolutely look like something out of a horror movie with the plastic wrap on your face!  Here's the recipe I used!  And here are some of the benefits of milk and honey!

6. Favorite new workout!

Melissa, the wonderful owner of Pure Barre in Mt. Lebanon graciously invited me to try one of her studio's barre classes last Saturday.  I had been wanting to try barre for awhile, but had not quite mustered up the courage to go and actually do it.  When the instructor handed me a ball, resistance bands, and weights - I knew this was going to be a serious workout.  What I loved most about the class was that even though I had never taken one before, I was (mostly) able to keep up and understand what I was supposed to be doing.  My instructor also let me know that it typically takes about ten classes to really get into the flow and fully understand the poses and the breathing...which made me feel a bit better.  Not to mention, the music is fun and upbeat and flows perfectly with the different exercises.  They also have an ah-mazing selection of top designer work-out gear.  So even if you have no clue what you are doing in the class, at least you will look good!