Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Ya'll! 

1.  Favorite Starbuck's Health Hacks!

I'm sure by now, most of us can't imagine a world where Starbuck's doesn't exist.  How else would we be able to wake up and start our day??  What other paper cup could we possibly take photos of to Instagram??  I love a good Starbuck's treat as much as the next person, but sometimes those calories stick around long after that energy jolt wears off.  No fear though - you don't have to give up your Starbuck's habit entirely!  BRIT + CO just posted this great article on 'Starbuck's Health Hacks" including ways to reduce calories in your favorite beverages and also what you should order if you are watching calories!

photo from  brit + co

photo from brit + co

2.  Favorite Easy How-To for Flower Arranging!

Grabbing some blooms at Trader Joe's this weekend?  Check out this simple tutorial for creating a gorgeous centerpiece on a small budget!  

photo from  the everygirl

photo from the everygirl

3.  Favorite Pittsburgh Way to Eat Healthy!

With spring comes Farmer's markets, fresh produce, and trying to get swimsuit ready after months of baggy clothes and comfort food.  This article about local farms that deliver fresh food will help get you back into some healthy habits!

photo from  fitt pgh

photo from fitt pgh

4.  Favorite Thing to Happen All Week!

Beyonce told us all to turn on HBO at 9 PM on Saturday, so of course we did.  And of course everything changed.  Ok - if you aren't a Beyonce fan, you are probably rolling your eyes - but truthfully I don't need that negativity in my life. LOL I love her, I love the album, I think she sets the precedent.  I cannot wait to be in that stadium on May 31!!

5.  Favorite Fellow Blogger Post of the Week!

I have shared Jenna's posts before in my favorites and I just had to do it again this week.  She shared a recipe for a coffee face scrub and I simply can't wait to try it!  

6.  Favorite Proud Friend Moment!

Friend, blogger, and fellow Pittsburgh wedding pro, Victoria of Burgh Brides, had an article published this week in Huffington Post's wedding section!!  What?!?  So exciting and so beyond happy for the success she is having!  Show this girl some love and check out her article "6 Ways to Be a Gracious Bride."