Friday Favorites - Blogger Edition

Guys, this Tuesday, June 21st is our 4th Style Social event!  I can’t believe we are already hosting event number four.  When we held the first event last year, we had no idea if anyone would even show up.  We certainly didn’t imagine we would have made so many amazing new friends and connections in one short year.  In the spirit of Style Social and collaboration, I decided to do something a little different for this week’s Friday Favorites.  I am sharing with you several of my favorite Pittsburgh style bloggers.  Three of them are my fellow Style Social founders and the rest I met this past year through our events!  I could have made this list much longer because there is so much talent in this city, but in the confines of time, I could only share a few today.  I love each of these bloggers not just for their incredible style and passion, but because each has a truly genuine and honest heart that shines through in their work.  I hope you check each one out and enjoy them as much as I do!

If you are interested in attending our next Style Social, there is still time to get tickets!  We will be hosting the event at the Frick Pittsburgh.  Enjoy food, cocktails, mingling, and exclusive private access to the new Killer Heels exhibit visiting Pittsburgh from the Brooklyn Museum.  We’ll also have an incredible giveaway and will be collecting donations for the Pittsburgh Chapter of Dress for Success.  Purchase your tickets here. 

1.  Wear, Wag, Repeat -

Blogger:  Tori Mistick

The Scoop:  Through Wear, Wag, Repeat, readers get a glimpse into Tori’s life as social media guru, local fashionista, DIYer, and loving dog mom.  Need outfit inspiration for tonight’s cocktail party?  Tori will have you covered.  Need a recipe for your dog’s birthday cake?  Tori will walk you through the process in a fun and informative video

Why I Love this Blog:  This one is pretty easy: fashion and dogs.  I basically only needed to read the blog title to know that I would love it!  Tori has a way of mixing and matching various pieces to create totally unique outfits, her DIY projects are spot on….oh and Lola and Lucy are adorable!

Where Else You Can Catch Her:  You can always catch Tori and her adorable pooches on their daily dog walks over on Periscope @tmistick

tori and lucy looking fabulous on their walk

tori and lucy looking fabulous on their walk

2.  Style, Studs, and Lace -

Blogger:  Niki Whittle

The Scoop:  Niki is a Pittsburgh transplant from the UK and I only wish you could hear her beautiful accent through her blog!  She’s lived a ton of amazing places (India for instance) and those international influences definitely permeate her style.  Through Style, Studs, and Lace, Niki teaches us the ABCs of styling (she works as a professional fashion stylist).  Niki’s basic styling philosophy is to buy quality items that you can wear for years to come, find new ways to wear pieces you already have in your closet, and think about things like proportion and what works for your body type!

Why I Love this Blog:  Niki’s not just giving her readers a list of the latest trends.  Instead, she teaches her audience how to dress for their shape and also how to reinvent pieces they already own.  Niki does a “1 Item, 3 Ways” segment in which she takes a basic item and shows readers how to incorporate it into three very different outfits.  She understands the fundamentals of design: color, pattern, proportion and even posts a new pattern everyday on her Instagram account!

What's on the Horizon:  Besides being a blogger, personal stylist, and all around wonderful person, Niki is also a talented textile designer.  Her first line of gorgeous scarves is launching soon!!  Check out her Instagram for sneak peaks!

niki showing us one way to wear this adorable peplum top in her "1 item, 3 ways" series

niki showing us one way to wear this adorable peplum top in her "1 item, 3 ways" series

3.  Afternoon Espresso -

Blogger:  Ashley Pletcher

The Scoop:  Fashion, cupcakes, and a love of coffee!  Sounds good to me.  Ashley shares weekly outfit ideas, beauty and travel tips, and a cupcake of the month recipe.  She not only let’s her readers know where to shop her looks, but she also offers similar options in various price ranges – proving that there are affordable options that still make you feel like a million bucks!

Why I Love this Blog:  Ashley has been a constant source of inspiration from day one.  She’s been a big catalyst in me starting my own blog and has been there every step of the way offering support and guidance.  Every time I say “can I ask you just one more blogging question,” she’s there with more great advice!  I can also guarantee you will want to buy everything she posts!

Catch Her Daily Shennanigans:  I love following Ashley’s daily adventures on SnapChat @Ashleypletch3

ashley showing off one of summer's hottest trends - the off-the-shoulder dress

ashley showing off one of summer's hottest trends - the off-the-shoulder dress

4.  Zoë with Love -

Blogger:  Zoë Namey

The Scoop:  You know those people that just have a natural eye for style and design and everything they put together looks flawless?  Yes, me too – it’s Zoë.  Whether it’s fashion, interior design, or DIY, Zoë has a special talent for making all these things look simplified and gorgeous.  She’s the girl that will throw the best dinner party on the block and be wearing the cutest outfit while doing it!  

Why I Love this Blog:  I initially discovered Zoë’s blog when we were planning our first Style Social and were on the hunt for other Pittsburgh fashion bloggers.  As soon as I stumbled onto Zoë’s site, I texted Ashley: “Do you know this girl?  Have you seen her site?  Her stuff is gorgeous!”  I basically still feel that way every time Zoë does something new.  Since I just moved into a new house, I am especially loving all of her interior design inspiration.

Want More?:  Oh and did I mention Zoë makes incredible floral arrangements? Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest for more!

d-y-i-n-g over this dress!

d-y-i-n-g over this dress!

5.  Blue Bells and Lipstick -

Blogger:  Megan Zotis

The Scoop:  I had to pull this quote directly from Blue Bells and Lipstick, “It’s not your style that defines your story.  It’s your story that defines your style.”  Through her blog, Megan helps readers define their style with tips, tricks, and inspiration.  Her style is sometimes preppy, sometimes rock and roll, but always fun! 

Why I Love this Blog:  I can’t get enough of Megan’s style, but I must admit her “pages of inspiration” are what really got me hooked!  Megan is an excellent writer and her spirit most definitely shines through in her writing.  While most bloggers are writing curated and sponsored content, Megan speaks from their heart.  Her honest posts on things like moving back home in your twenties and breaking up with best friends are inspiring reads.

Can't Get Enough:  Megan was one of Tote Mag's featured bloggers!  Check out the post here.

loving everything about megan's outfit!

loving everything about megan's outfit!

6.  Wavy Alabaster -

Blogger:  Jessa Gibboney

The Scoop:  Effortlessly cool.  That’s the only way I can describe Jessa and her blog, Wavy Alabaster.  Every picture looks like it’s a Free People ad and every post is beautifully written and inspiring.  I’m pretty sure this girl looks good in everything, but she has a special knack for taking vintage and unique pieces and making them her own.

Why I Love this Blog:  Again, its effortlessly cool.  Who doesn’t love that?  She’s not trying too hard (or at least she makes it seem that way), yet every post has an air of being well thought out and perfectly crafted.  Her spirit is infectious and shines through everything she does on the blog.  If that’s not enough, all of her images are absolutely gorgeous!

Want More?:  Follow this beauty on Instagram!

oh and did i mention this hair?!

oh and did i mention this hair?!

7.  The Surznick Common Room -

Bloggers:  Sarah and Nick

The Scoop:  Beyond adorable couple, Sarah and Nick of the Surznick Common Room share their favorite things to wear, eat, read, and make.  Effortlessly cool meets Martha Stewart level DIY projects. 

Why I Love this Blog:  Literally every…and I mean every DIY project these two post I think “I want to make that now!!”.  There is a special unique flair to everything they do.  Even the titles of their blog categories are named in a fun way including “the junk drawer,” “the library,” and “tip jar.”

Their Next Big Adventure:  Look for even more amazing DIY projects from these two!  They just bought their first house and will be documenting all the renovations along the way – check out Sarah on SnapChat @sawissinger

i told you - adorable

i told you - adorable

Who are your favorite Pittsburgh style bloggers?  Where does your inspiration come from?  Comment below - I'd love to hear from you!