Friday Favorites

It's Friday!  Kick back and enjoy this week's favorites!

Favorite Sale of the Week!

I know, I know – you are probably tired of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – especially if you follow a bunch of fashion bloggers.  But you guys – it’s a BIG sale!  Some of my purchases started to roll in this week and I am in love with this rug I picked up for the kitchen.  It’s extremely well made and is under $25! My favorite accessory purchase so far is this Sole Society Faux Leather Trapeze Tote.  Actually, I think this may not be part of the sale - but I had to have it anyways!  I love the way the Sole Society products look, but was always a little hesitant to buy because I wasn’t sure of the quality.  This bag totally changed my mind!  It’s so soft and pliable – you would never think it’s faux leather.  It’s also big enough to use as a tote bag.  It fits my laptop, planner, and all the other random items I haul around with me everyday.  The tee below is also on sale in a couple of colors and is so comfortable!

manny also likes the  new rug

manny also likes the new rug

Favorite Blogger DIY Project of the Week!

So there are a couple of fellow Pittsburgh bloggers that I am always rambling about, but that’s because they are just that good at what they do!  Call them blogger crushes perhaps.  I always loved the Surznick Common Room’s DIY projects – but since buying a house (and they also recently bought a house) – I am loving them even more.  Check out these super cool geometric hanging planters they constructed for their music room!  I mean seriously. 

Favorite Way to Drink Water!

I’ve never been a big healthy eater.  Fruit – meh.  Veggies – double meh.  Cookies – yum.  Pizza – delicious.  As I’ve gotten older and realized I can’t exactly eat like I used to and still fit into my pants, I’ve tried to incorporate more healthy items into my diet.  However, I still like when I can trick myself – like broccoli on a baked potato or zucchini as pasta, so I really love the idea of infused water.  Gone are the days of drinking a 2-liter of Pepsi a day and here are the days of fresh, thirst-quenching water cocktails.  There a million different infused water combos you could come up with, but I wanted to share two that I recently made for a party that were a big hit!  The first is water infused with strawberry, lemon and basil.  The second uses lemon, oranges, cucumber and fresh mint.  Oh - and lemon, lime and cucumber are supposed to help with hydration, digestion and (yay) appetite control!  For even more ideas, check out this BuzzFeed article.

gorgeous photo and full recipe from  no gojis, no glory

gorgeous photo and full recipe from no gojis, no glory

Favorite Wedding Idea of the Week!

What could be cuter than a Pittsburgh girl and an Aussie guy meeting in NYC and tying the knot in the Burgh?  When I first started helping Natalie plan her big day, we knew we wanted to incorporate the two worlds and ensure that all the Australian guests feel at home in our little city.  We’ve found a bunch of ways to do that (stay tuned for a future post) – but one of my favorite ideas are these “Pittsburghese” and “Aussie Talk” cocktail napkins we had designed and then printed through Zazzle.  Both Australia and Pittsburgh are known for some of their unique words - so we thought it would be so fun to put the words and their definitions on the cocktail napkins.  I can't think of a better conversation starter as guests are mingling and being introduced to one another.

Favorite Article of the Week!

The Everygirl website should just have a permanent place on my Friday Favorites because I am always including something from the site.  This week I read "6 Tips for Getting Your Adult Financial Life Together."  They target the article to those girls fresh out of college - but I think the tips really apply to anyone at any stage of life.  Though it's never fun, it's always a good idea to understand where your money is going and how to save for the future.

Favorite Nail Polish Colors for the Fall!

Yes, summer, in it’s usual way, is flying by and fall will soon be upon us.  While I’m not ready to trade my tanks for flannels or flip flops for boots just yet, it’s always fun to start thinking about fall fashion and beauty trends.  I was getting a manicure last weekend and as I was flipping through the myriad color options, I couldn’t help but pause longingly at the deep burgundies and grays.  I am a sucker for a dark almost black hue – Lincoln Park After Dark by O.P.I. has been my signature fall color for years…geez I hope they never stop making it!  Check out some of my other favorite fall shades that I can’t wait to wear.