Meet Kimberly 

For awhile now, I have felt like one of my greatest fears was coming true…(no, not that I wake up and mom jeans are suddenly fashionable….which by the way apparently they are)…but rather I was afraid I wasn't living out my full potential.  It was the same fear I had written about for my college admissions essay many years ago…the thought that one day you wake up and realize you are settling, trapped in a boring routine…and essentially stuck.  I’m inherently a dreamer…there’s no denying that.  But at some point, I needed to act and turn those dreams into goals and plot steps to attain those aspirations. 

Welcome to "Yes, Wear That!"

I needed a creative outlet!  I have always loved writing, so a blog seemed like the perfect solution.  It would also give me a chance to dust off those fashion degrees and put those countless years of retail experience to good use!   The closest I came to seeing the worlds of writing and fashion come together was as an intern for Marie Claire Magazine in New York City a zillion years ago.  And although I worked in a room actually nick-named “the closet” and most of my time spent there was in running errands (as in literally picking up someone’s dry cleaning), I would’t have traded the experience for anything.  I’m a firm believer that a great outfit has the power to change your entire outlook.  I also believe that style extends beyond the closet, so “Yes, Wear That!” will also feature glimpses of my work in the events industry.  Finally, I am inspired by creative, entrepreneurial sprits everyday…so I want “Yes, Wear That!” to be a place where others will be able to tell their stories as well.


The goal of “Yes, Wear That!” is to inspire readers through fashion, beauty, events, creative projects, and to highlight those who work tirelessly in the pursuit of their passions.  I encourage everyone to embrace the “dreamer” inside!




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