The Many Colors of Fall

I blinked and suddenly it’s November.  I’ve heard people say that time moves faster as you get older.  When you’re younger it feels like an eternity…waiting to drive, waiting to graduate highschool, waiting to start your life.  As you get older, the opposite becomes true.  Seasons fly by and you frantically try to pump the brakes, to push pause...but life continues to speed ahead.  There is never enough time to do everything.  My to-do lists have to-do lists and I don't think I will ever cross everything off those lists.  Time marches on.  You notice your parents are getting older...your friends' parents are getting older.  Engagement announcements turn into baby announcements and suddenly you have friends that have kids that are walking the same middle school hallways that you walked not so long ago.  Getting older scares me, I'm not gonna lie.  I've always said that I will probably not age gracefully...I will go kicking and screaming and trying to hold onto any shred of the past that I can get my hands on.  I know there are beautiful things ahead...things I haven't even dreamed of...but it would be nice for time to standstill for just a little while.

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