Red & Black Plaid

There’s something about plaid – especially red and black plaid – that screams fall.  This week I’ll be doing two separate posts on how to incorporate this classic plaid into your wardrobe.  Today’s look is so effortless, but still comes off as classy and chic.  Let’s talk about this plaid button-up.  It’s from Abercombie & Fitch.  I’ll pause while you roll your eyes and judge me.  I know what you’re thinking and a year ago I would have totally agreed.  I actually used to work at A&F many moons ago, so trust me I know all about the bad press and all too well how the company used to be run.  But let me tell you that at least from the outside, they have changed.  They have dresses now (really cute ones).  They sell black colored clothing now (this used to be strictly prohibited).  And they have sales now (this used to only happen the day after Christmas).  Listen, I am still not going to actually walk into an Abercrombie & Fitch and browse the racks.  This is mainly because those shirtless greeters at the front of the store no longer feel like dating options, but more like kids that are young enough to almost be my sons.  It’s intimidating.  And I’m not going to champion a movement for everyone to jump back onto the A&F bandwagon, but I will say their website is worth a peak.  And if this shirt doesn’t convince you – just wait until you see the bag I will post later this week!  How do you rock your red and black plaid?  Comment below and let me know!


Shop the Look:

Jeans - Target (yes Target) - similar without rips - Mossimo Mid-Rise Crop Jegging - $29.99 / Top - Abercrombie & Fitch - Plaid Fannel Shirt - $58 (currently on sale - $39) / Bag - Dailylook - similar - Large Structured Handbag - $74.99 / Booties - similar - NineWest - Optimistic Covered Wedge Bootie - $129