Pink, Pleats, & Pearls

Monday is back again!  Anyone else agree that the weekends go way too fast?  I actually feel like this entire month has flown by!  This weekend was cold...again.  You will probably be able to tell from the photos since I am trying to smile while trying to stand still and not shiver!  Today's look is the epitome of feminine - pink, pleats, and pearls.  To be honest, I usually don't wear any of those things - let alone all three together.  However, I feel like if you're going for a girly look, then you might as well commit and go all the way!  I also am not ashamed to admit that both the skirt and the necklace are Target finds!  We all know how it works at Target - you walk in for toothpaste and some dish soap and you walk out with nail polish (you need a new spring color), a shower curtain (the pattern is just too cute), a yoga DVD (cause this time you really are going to start working out), a frozen pizza (a girl's gotta eat).....and of course a skirt and necklace combo.  And if you're like probably actually forget the toothpaste and have to go back the next day. (Oh darn.)  Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week...rumor is sun and 70 degrees on Thursday!

Skirt - Target (no longer online) - very similar - here & here / Necklace - Target - similar - here / Shirt - H&M - (sale $12!!) - here / Bag - Rebecca Minkoff - 'Mini Mac' Convertible Crossbody Bag - Nordstrom - here