Oh Baby!

Many of you know that I work as an event coordinator for an amazing company, Hello Productions.  You may not know that we do so much more than plan weddings (though we love a great cookie table)!  We have a Director of Marketing, who focuses on developing innovative marketing, advertising, PR, and social media campaigns.  We also have several experienced and amazingly talented event coordinators who plan and execute everything from fundraisers to galas to corporate conferences.  When Hello's own Event Director, Natasha Brody, announced she was expecting a baby, I couldn't wait to see how she would create the ideal baby shower!  Natasha planned a picture-perfect backyard shower that in her words was "fresh, green, and rustic."  Every carefully thought-out element from the wine crates to the wheat grass to the burlap and twine enriched the rustic, "outdoorsy"  garden party theme.

Here are just a few of the unique elements that I loved about the shower.  They are great tips for any party!:

~ Customize, customize, customize!  Nicole Brody Designs did custom water-colored invitations as well as the super-cute robot poster below.  Guests could then add their thumbprint to the robot's "ballon" - creating a unique guestbook and instant keepsake for Natasha.  

~Keep it interactive!  No one wants to sit at a boring shower waiting for the mom-to-be to open all 100 pristinely wrapped packages of baby bibs and bottles.  Sure those booties are so tiny, but you can only say "awww" so many times!  Natasha kept guests entertained with fun activities like "baby name suggestions," a mom and dad trivia game, and a guess the baby vintage photo contest (old baby photos of family and friends).

~Don't forget about the kids!  If you are going to have kids at the shower or party, I think that's great - but you can't expect them to be entertained on their own.  I love that Natasha took the time to add some special touches for the kids.  There were special "kid favors" that consisted of small milk bottles filled with blue candied chocolates.  She also set up a kids table that was covered in plain paper.  Crayons, stickers, and other crafting supplies were laid out on the table so that kids could create mini-masterpieces.  

~Stay consistent with the theme!  I think many times when people are planning parties, they pick a theme but then fail to replicate the theme throughout.  If you are opting for a theme, then consistency is key!  Just because you put some tiki torches in the backyard and throw on a grass skirt, does not mean you have created a "Hawaiian Luau" themed-party.  The theme - colors, time-period, overall feel - should be evident in every element.  The location, food, decor, activities, and favors should all help to enhance the theme.  Natasha did this beautifully by incorporating wooden accents, fresh grass, and burlap table coverings.  The same teal, wintergreen, white, and ivory could be found in the color of the ink pads to the tops of the mini wine bottles to the over-sized balloons surrounding the tent.  No detail was over-looked.  

Enjoy the photos below & if you are planning a baby shower, wedding, or any type of celebration this summer, please visit Hello's website and let us help you turn your vision into a beautiful reality! 

Stop over and say congrats to Natasha - HERE!

Scrumptious cake from Blue Bonnet Bakery with wooden "It's a Boy" topper to give it an "outdoorsy" feel.
Custom-made robot thumb print poster by Nicole Brody Designs.  Glass jar for baby name suggestions.
Place cards & party favors all wrapped up in one!  Adults were treated to personalized mini wine bottles and the kiddies could munch on blue-colored candied chocolates in fun-sized milk bottles.  Burlap and twine added to the rustic theme.
Centerpieces were unique to each table and were made up of succulents and wheat grass in clay pots and wooden wine crates.  Table numbers were written on small chalkboards. Mason jars of various sizes held lit votives that created a warm glow as the sun was setting.  
Guests indulged in sweet treats including ladylocks, nuthorns, cake, and other assorted cookies.  Large glass jugs not only served a functional purpose for beverages, but also added to the decor and theme.
Playful teal, wintergreen, and white over-sized balloons filled the tented backyard.
Vintage photos created a wonderful display and guessing the baby was a challenge for guests!  Kids could write Natasha a message or create a work-of-art right at the table thanks to paper table coverings and craft supplies.
Be sure when the mom-to-be is opening gifts, she has a comfortable place to sit and that all guests have a view and are able to interact.  (Above) Natasha, sister Nicole, and mom...and of course Coco, the star of the day!
Congratulations Natasha and Zack!  Maximilian was born happy and healthy this past November.  Wishing the new family all the Best! 

Event Details:

Event Design - Natasha Brody - Hello Productions - "like" her Facebook page - here

Succulents & Wheatgrass - Community Flower Shop

Invitations & Art Design - Nicole Brody Designs

Cake & Sweets - Blue Bonnet Bakery

Linen & Table Rentals - Event Source

Garden Tent - Taylor Rental 

Balloons - Qualatex