Give 'em Something to Talk About

Hello friends!  How was the weekend?  If you were in Pittsburgh, the answer is "rainy" (as you shake your fists angrily at the sky).  I assisted at a wedding this weekend and - surprise - I am two for two for rain at weddings.  Though the weekend was busy, I wanted to squeeze a quick post in.  As I sat down to start this post, I realized that it is my 50th post already!!  Seriously, time flies.  So if you are new to the site, welcome.  And if you have been following along, oh my gosh thank you so much!!  I am humbled that you have stuck around as I try out this new venture.  With this second half of the year upon us, I really want to focus on posting more and connecting with all of you!  Truly, the kind words of encouragement and the welcoming I have received from fellow bloggers makes me only question what I'm doing here 100 times a day rather than 200.  :)  But seriously thank you.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite graphic items.  Shirts, bags, and other accessories with sayings on them are everywhere you look!  My only advice when rocking a graphic tee, keep in mind the message and the target age group.  Sure, I am still going to shop at Forever 21 even though I am long past 21, but I am not going to wear a tee that says something like "My Boyfriend is Hotter than Your Boyfriend."  So again, consider the age and the message - other than that, feel free to let your clothes do the talking!

Some tops perfect for summer:

Tops for "working out":

Bags that keep it simple and straight forward!  I also had to include the third option for all of my fellow bloggers and shop owners trying to get "likes" and followers.  The struggle is truly real.

Even home items have something to say!  How cute would the napkins below be for a cookout?  I actually have the photo on the right in my bathroom. It's from a great Etsy shop - Happy Letter Shop.

As I've mentioned before, I am pretty old-school when it comes to preferring a handwritten note or a pretty planner over a text or mobile calendar.  These cute options are some of my faves!

Honorable mentions!  These items brought a smile to my face, so I had to include them!